This is the land where most of my stories take place
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Primal Age

Topographical Map

Shakti Takeover

Map of the Countries when Mitra Shakti was at the height/end of his reign
(Rae & Danny's Stories take place here)
Topographical Map Y001

First Age

Topographical Map Y004 - (finishes A Call to Arms)
Topographical Map Y007 - (finishes Queries to Generations)
Topographical Map Y010 - (starts Law of the Horde)
Topographical Map Y050 - (starts Hours Trilogy)
Topographical Map Y100 - (starts Charisse Finishing School)
Topographical Map Y500 - (starts Destiny in a Mask)
Topographical Map Y982 - (ends Drag Shergi Mysteries)
Map of the Countries in the midst of the First Age - (Viki's Story takes place here)

Second Age

- (Rune's Story ends here)

Third Age

- (Dia's Story takes Place here)

Other Maps

Map of New Leldyna

Map of Lonan

Map of Rozalynde's First Home

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